About G. H. Harris Associates Inc.


Mr. G. H. Harris started his own Tax Collection Business in 1957 as a sole proprietorship. He started out as the only employee, utilizing a spare bed room equipped with a typewriter. As his Company grew he added more and more employees. The business operations required more room and were moved a short distance up the road. In 1999 the business was incorporated as a family operated Tax Collection Business. Today we are still a fully family owned and operated corporation with a Staff of fifteen employees including three field Representatives.

Client Information

The trademark of our Company over the years is the diligent personal touch that we provide our clients. We have many years of tax collection experience that we can use to your best advantage. Most of our clients located in twenty-two Counties have been with us for twenty-five years or more. All tax collection activities including the storage of records are handled from our one office. To guarantee the integrity of our records they are stored both electronically and on paper. If a client, taxpayer, or employer has a question or issue the matter is handled here and they are not directed to multiple offices. Any Staff member that you talk to is here in Dallas Pennsylvania. Feel free to contact us via any media for additional information or to ask any questions you may have.

Tax & Municipal Collection Services Provided

  • Per Capita Taxes
  • Occupation (Flat Rate) Taxes
  • Occupation (Millage) Taxes
  • Street Light Taxes
  • Fire Hydrant Taxes
  • LST
  • EMS Taxes
  • Occupational Privilege Taxes
  • Earned Income Taxes
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Business Privilege Taxes
  • Business License Fees
  • Refuse Fees
  • Sewer Service Fees
  • Trash Fees
  • Cafeteria Bills
  • Technology Repair/Replacement Bills
  • Lost/Damaged Books